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SARS Locator


 SARS Infected

 Total number of  probable cases:

 Confirmed death toll:  735

 Canada: 148 cases  reported. 26 death

 China: 5,325 cases  reported. 317 death

 Hong Kong (Special  Administrative Region):  1,728 cases reported.
 269 death

 Malaysia: 5 cases  reported. 2 death

 Singapore: 205 cases  reported. 31 death

 Taiwan: 596 cases  reported. 76 death

 Thailand: 8 cases  reported. 2 death

 United Kingdom: 4  cases reported

 United States: 64 cases  reported

 Vietnam: 63 cases  reported. 5 death

 (Sources: World Health  Organization; Hong Kong  Department of Health;  China Ministry of Health;  Health Canada; Singapore  Ministry of Health)


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